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"Iconable celebrates
brands that are changing the fashion industry
by combining
sustainability and style"

Clara Colombel - Founder & CEO



Clara Colombel grew up in France where she studied international law and started her career as a lawyer. Her job led her to NYC where she worked for a few years and then decided to further her education with a Masters in Human Rights at Fordham University in NYC.

During that year, she worked on several research projects on Women's Rights in partnership with the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights at the United Nations, as well as projects involving Corporate Social Responsibility. As she focused her work in the fashion industry in particular, she was exposed to the devastating consequences of the clothing industry on Human Rights and the environment. She then decided to completely change the way she shops and transform her wardrobe by only buying clothing made in a sustainable way, respectful of the planet and its people.

However, she realized that sustainable brands with great style can be really hard to find and that fashion brands are quick to put a “sustainable” or “ethical” label on about everything, making it even harder to navigate through them.

Clara created Iconable to celebrate brands that are changing the fashion industry by combining sustainability and style. More than an online store, Iconable aims to rebuild the connection between the people who make the clothes and the ones who wear them.

With Iconable, Clara wants to help you build your own sustainable wardrobe that supports your values without ever compromising on your style.

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