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Get to know... Sunad

At Iconable, our mission is to offer you a selection of beautiful clothes made by brands around the world that truly commit to a sustainable approach. More than an online store, Iconable wants to celebrate the brands that are revolutionizing the fashion industry. We have created this series on our Journal to tell you their stories.

We hope you will enjoy learning more about them, their commitment to sustainability, the challenges they face and their inspiration. 

Today, we are really happy to introduce you to Sunad. Sunad is a Spanish brand based in Madrid. It was created by two beautiful madrileñas who met while studying at Parsons Paris and New York. Sunad creates timeless classics that play on masculinity and femininity through forms and colors. 

We absolutely loved talking with its founder, Paloma and Ana, about production, design and inspiration. Meet Sunad!

How did you decide to create a sustainable fashion brand?

We both are very interested in sustainability and doing what we can to help the environment. We realized that synthetic fabrics had taken over the market and it was really hard to find something that was 100% natural and was reasonably priced. We saw this as a window to come in with an idea that could prove that doing something using only 100% natural fabrics and selling it at a reasonable price weren’t two mutually exclusive things.

Can you describe the life of your clothes, from designing to producing?

We always design thinking that our items have to be timeless as part as our commitment to the slow fashion movement. With that in mind, we look for fabrics that are 100% natural and see which design they fit best. Fabrics are ordered not only locally but globally, always ensuring everything is of the best quality and we order our buttons from a small atelier in Palma de Mallorca. All our shirts are then cut and produced in our small atelier in the outskirts of Madrid.

What is the biggest challenge you face in making sustainable clothing?

By far the hardest thing for us is sourcing fabrics. Since its creation, polyester and synthetic fabrics have dominated the market due to their versatility and the fact that they’re a lot cheaper to produce and purchase. Thus, most fabric suppliers have either removed natural fabrics from their stock or really reduced the stock they offer. It’s always a challenge to find fabrics that comply with our specifications.


What tools/techniques do you use to ensure that all the clothes you make are made in respect of human rights?

Most fabric suppliers we work with are based in Europe and offer the opportunity to visit their facilities  so that you can see first hand how they work. As far as our atelier goes, we’re lucky it’s just a short car ride away so we actually know everyone who makes our shirts.

Any inspiration you want to share? A book, an experience, a quote? 

We’re very inspired by the world and its amazing people. It’s important to always keep your eyes open :)


Thank you so much, Ana and Paloma, for answering our questions! You can discover or rediscover Sunad's chic and timeless pieces on the ShopIf you have any question, don’t hesitate to send them over at



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